What separates good personal injury attorneys from ambulance chasers?

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Kyle E. Wright
11/23/22 9:37 AM
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Hi everyone, Kyle E. Wright coming to you with our next video series!

So, what's the difference between an attorney and a herd of buffalo? Well, the attorney charges more. I love a good lawyer joke, and the best part of lawyer jokes is they're usually based on facts or experiences that we've had. But there's one term that I want to address with you today, and that's the term ambulance chaser.
So, what is an ambulance chaser to you? Well, I think people incorrectly categorize all personal injury attorneys as ambulance chasers, and that's just not accurate. And I want to set the record straight as to why. For starters, I also use the term ambulance chaser, but that's not to describe good personal injury attorneys that help people get paid for what they are entitled.

An ambulance chaser to me is an attorney that sends literature, books, CDs, DVDs, to people they've never met because they're buying and collecting police reports every day. We've all heard about it, and if you've been in an accident, you've probably experienced it. When you're injured and you get endless mailings from these big law firms that are saying, here's why you should use our firm.

You know, sorry, you were in this accident that may have significantly injured you or perhaps even killed somebody in this. Please use our firm. I just think it's tacky, it's weaselly, it's inconsiderate, and it should be unethical. I'm not alone in that thought. There's a lot of attorneys that feel the same way.

We will never do that at Ruck and Wright Law. We rely on our marketing. We rely on word of mouth, our results, other clients. We don't need to send letters out to you in your home. When those attorneys do that, it causes an uphill battle for the attorneys that are doing it right, because when we have a jury trial like I do in a couple weeks, I'm going to have to spend a lot of time talking to that jury and trying to get them to undo their thinking about ambulance chasers.

It's not an okay thing. When you're in an accident, you are about to face an uphill battle if you're injured. Because you're going to have an insurance company, you're going to have defense counsel, all these people picking apart your arguments, trying to tell you why you really didn't need that treatment that you did, why you took too long to recover from your injuries, why you're not entitled to as much as you think you are.

Those are reasons to get a good personal injury attorney, not an ambulance chaser who just looks at you like another number. So, if you or a loved one is injured in a car accident, make the right choice. Have a great day.

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Author: Kyle E. Wright     Published: 11/23/22 9:37 AM     Tags: Personal Injury


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