Summer Accidents and a Reminder on Staying Safe

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Kyle E. Wright
7/20/22 2:47 PM
Tags: Personal Injury

Hi everybody, Kyle Wright with Ruck & Wright Law coming at you with another video!

Today I'm outside my office enjoying this beautiful day. But, one thing that's not so beautiful about this season is that summer tends to be when the most accidents happen.

It's for sure our busy season, and people are often surprised to learn that. But when you think about it, think of all the distractions that summer brings when we're out on the road. We have kids out of school, which means more pedestrians, more people on bicycles. We have younger drivers out. We have people driving by with the top rolled back and the radio blaring with the windows down. And you cannot forget, we have motorcycles out.

There's a whole lot of distractions that happen in the summertime, and this, unfortunately, leads to increased accidents. So when you're out there, try to keep this in mind, avoid the distractions, put the cell phones down, be extra cautious, slow down, look both ways even when you have the right of way, and try to avoid those accidents.

But, in the unfortunate event you are in one, we're here to help you! I'm Kyle E. Wright with Ruck & Wright Law. Be safe out there!

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Author: Kyle E. Wright     Published: 7/20/22 2:47 PM     Tags: Personal Injury


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