Property Taxes too High?

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Kyle E. Wright
2/6/19 1:45 PM
Tags: Real Estate

1887093They say nothing in life is certain except for death and taxes.  When it comes to property taxes, we are often asked by clients, “Is there anything I can do to lower my property taxes?”  It can be very frustrating to see how high property taxes climb, especially the year following auditor adjustments.  The good news is there is a system in place for challenging property taxes.  

This topic became especially popular last year…so much so that the Ohio State Bar Association published an article informing the general public how to approach this situation.  You can find that article here:

This is a great way to inform yourself on not only how the taxes and increases are determined, but also the process for challenging property taxes.  If you have further questions about a specific property matter, please schedule a consultation with one of the attorneys at Ruck & Wright Law, Ltd.

Author: Kyle E. Wright     Published: 2/6/19 1:45 PM     Tags: Real Estate


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