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Should you talk to the insurance adjuster after an accident?

Kyle E. Wright
Personal Injury


Hi everyone. Kyle E. Wright here with Ruck and Wright Law, coming to you with our next video series!

So, one question I get asked really frequently is whether you should talk to the insurance adjuster after you're in an accident. I guess I would say yes and no. So, when you're in a motor vehicle accident, there's going to be two claims that are working.
The first is the property damage, and for that, yes of course, get a rental car, get your car fixed, get a price if it's totaled... You need to do that so you can move on with life. But that's where the conversations should stop. You should not be talking about your injuries.

That's called a BI-claim or a bodily injury claim.

That is the claim that you hire a personal injury attorney to handle for you. So next time you are talking to somebody that's been in an accident, or whether you or a loved one are in an accident, go ahead and handle the property damage claim. Those are usually pretty straightforward. We're happy to talk to you about them if you're having trouble getting fair value for your car.

But do not talk about your injuries. Do not talk about fault. Make no statements to the insurance company. Do the bare minimum to get money for your vehicle and let an experienced personal injury attorney handle the rest. Thanks.

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Personal Injury

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Talk to them about property damage, but that's where the conversation should stop. No injury talk. Then go to a PI attorney about your bodily injury claim.


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