Personal Injury Attorneys are Free! (kind of)

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Kyle E. Wright
7/20/21 7:00 AM
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We all know how expensive it can be to hire an attorney. As an attorney who frequently litigates cases, I will be the first to acknowledge that attorney fees can (and do!) mount rather quickly, especially in contested matters. This fact is no secret, as the general public is pretty well aware of how expensive attorneys can be. Most require an upfront retainer and then provide the client with regular statements with a bill that reflects the attorney’s time tracked by the tenth of the hour. However, injury attorneys do not bill this way. Personal Injury Attorneys are Free! (kind of)

What can you expect from Ruck & Wright Law, Ltd?


When you retain Ruck & Wright Law to represent you in an injury claim or lawsuit, we will take your case on a contingency fee basis. This means that we don’t charge our clients on an hourly basis, our fee comes in the form of dividing the settlement or jury verdict at the end of the case. Like most personal injury firms, our fee is typically one-third of the total settlement/verdict. (Think of the hokey injury commercials, “If you don’t win, you don’t pay!”)

Billing clients via a contingency fee agreement provides several benefits, the first being that no money is needed upfront to obtain an attorney. Through the years we have heard repeatedly that a client wants to retain us for their injury claim, but they don’t have the money to pay for us. That should never be a hurdle for someone thanks to a contingency fee agreement. Another benefit of charging clients via contingency fee is that our pay is directly tied to our success in the case. If we try a case and lose, the client pays us nothing. This is nice for injury clients because it shifts the risk entirely to the attorney. Now if we settle an injury claim for a client for $30,000; then we typically receive one-third of that amount, or in this case, $10,000. If we settle that same case for $60,000, then our fee is $20,000. A good attorney should always be trying his or her best to advocate on the client’s behalf, but with a contingency fee, you know the attorney wants to maximize your claim, because it means for money for them.

I once saw a billboard that said, “Use ___ law firm, we’re greedy!” While that may have rubbed some people the wrong way, it made me smile because I thought to myself, well, that isn’t a bad thing for a client looking to find an attorney to get them the most money.

Maybe you have already been in an accident and are dealing with your claim or maybe you haven't been in that unfortunate scenario and are just wanting to prepare for an accident, check out our comprehensive guide to personal injury. If you have been injured in an accident and have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Call our office today if you would like to speak to one of our attorneys.

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