How Much Is My Case Worth?

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Kyle E. Wright
2/22/22 4:29 PM
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Kyle Wright with another video on FAQs about Personal Injury law!

The number 1 question I get after talking with a Personal Injury client is how much is my case worth? And that's fair! That's probably why you are pursuing this at all. But it is a loaded question with a lot of factors. The most common misconception is that people think that it is an equation. That is not the truth, but there is an aspect of proportion to consider.

For example, say you were injured and have $300k in medical bills. $10k for pain/suffering isn't sufficient. Switch it around and say that you are in a minor fender bender, no injury, but an $800 med bill. Well, in that case, I can safely say you aren't getting $10k for pain/suffering.

Again, while there is no formula, there is a proportion aspect to this.

Another factor is Liability. Were you somehow at fault or partially at fault? Say that there is an accident, & while the other party was mostly at fault, you could have avoided it. Maybe you could have let them clear the intersection they were in before a crash occurred. If a jury places any percentage of liability on you, a jury verdict is reduced by that amount. So, if a jury rewards you $100k but says you were 25% at fault, you'll only get an award for $75k.

Another issue is if the jury will award the fair market value of your bills or what your health insurer paid. You may have $100k in medical bills, but you have a great insurance company, and they have write-offs with the providers you use, so they only have to pay $30k. Does a jury award you $100k, which I will argue, or only $30k, which the insurance defense will argue. This is one of the biggest issues I fight with the defense attorneys over.

Another thing to take into consideration is that injuries affect people differently. I had a client who suffered a broken pinky finger. How terrible is that? The insurance company said, "It's only a pinky finger." Sure, that may have been "only a pinky finger" if she was an opera singer. However, my client was a Sign Language teacher. A pinky not bending really hindered her work. This injury, to her, was a lot more critical than that of, say, an opera singer. Again, the type of injury for a specific person must be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

The most vital thing to remember is that we never know for sure until treatment is completed. If you are still treating, an attorney shouldn't give a number as to what your case is worth. Have an attorney who gives you a number for what your case is worth, but you're still in treatment, run! Sometimes, you're never done with treatment, or it may take years. Then we have to start looking at permanency.

All of this helps justify why it is so vital that you get an attorney if you get into an accident. But make sure you get one that practices Personal Injury law and has a track record of these cases. You want one that goes through the steps to maximize your case.

I hope this helps, be safe out there!
- Kyle Wright

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