How long does a Personal Injury claim take to settle?

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Kyle E. Wright
10/26/21 11:00 AM
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The question I get asked most often, right after how much is my claim worth, is "how long will it take for my claim to settle?" The typical attorney response I’ll give you is, it depends. But seriously, it depends on various factors; the most crucial piece is that we cannot even begin negotiating until you, as the injured person, are finished treating

  • We only get one bite at the apple, so we cannot come back later for more.
  • We need to know you won’t incur future medical bills.
  • We need to know what the subrogation claim will be from your health insurer (this is how much you’ll have to pay back to your health insurer)

Clients are very good at understanding this when we first meet, and it gets difficult to accept when you are two years in after our first meeting. However, waiting does pay!

  • It lets me properly work up a case.
  • It shows the insurance company that we will litigate if necessary.

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Author: Kyle E. Wright     Published: 10/26/21 11:00 AM     Tags: Personal Injury


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