Driving and Cell Phones Don't Mix

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Kyle E. Wright
2/18/22 3:13 PM
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How do you know if somebody was on their phone when they caused an accident? Well, driving home the other day, I saw three examples of distracted driving accidents within 5 miles! Let's go through each...

Accident #1:
  • This was a head-on collision on a straight road.
  • Distracted driving is most likely as there isn't any reason for them to have crossed the double yellow, unless they weren't looking at the road. Typically it's them on their phone.
Accident #2:
  • A couple of miles further, and it's the same thing. A head-on collision.
  • One car was clearly over the line with not a turn in sight.
  • If I were on this case, I'd be subpoenaing the phone records if I were the attorney.
Accident #3:
  • The final accident I saw within the 5 mile stretch was a rear-end "fender bender."
  • No skid marks, which usually means they didn't try to stop.
  • This depends on speed/conditions of course, but we have it down to a science so it's fairly easy to judge speed and whatnot based on skid marks. (Or lack thereof.)
  • Again, if I was on this case, I'd be questioning the tortfeasor & asking if they were on their phone.

That drive was a bit irregular as there usually aren't that many accidents on my way home from picking up my kids, but this just shows how it is important to pay attention while driving. But it also proves that it can happen to anyone and that it is equally important to be prepared for an accident!

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Author: Kyle E. Wright     Published: 2/18/22 3:13 PM     Tags: Personal Injury


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