Sixth step to take after a vehicle accident - Follow up & listen

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Kyle E. Wright
6/29/21 10:00 AM
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One of the biggest hurdles we face as Plaintiff attorneys in representing injured clients is the accusations from adjusters and defense attorneys that a client has a gap in treatment. If you retain our firm, my one constant instruction to clients is simply "Get Better!" You will hear me say it every time we talk. Of course, I say this because I want to take that burden of handling the administrative issues off of clients' shoulders, but I also say it because I know that once a client stops treating for an injury or takes time off for treatment, it becomes much more challenging to include future treatments after gaps into an adjusters valuation.

Listen to your doctor!Listen to your doctor!

If your doctor says go to physical therapy, you should go to physical therapy. If your physical therapist thinks you should be treated three times a week until your strength has increased, then do it! Unless you also happen to be a medical professional, they know best, and we have to rely on their judgment; the adjustors and defense attorneys certainly will! Too often, I have clients that don't keep up with their treatment, and then they complain about long-term injuries…OR…clients stop treating for months on end and then resume treatment after a long break in treatment. It is very difficult for an adjuster to justify paying out for medical treatment to someone who didn't take their treatment seriously. If forced to try your case to a jury, it is only natural for a juror to question why someone would stop treating you if they were hurt.

Don't allow these questions to pop up in your claim! Do not give adjusters or defense attorneys any ammunition to use against you to try to weaken your claim. When you are injured, treat as instructed, and never stop treatments prematurely!

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Maybe you have already been in an accident and already went through these steps. That is okay, and we are here to help you. Maybe you haven't been in an accident and are just wanting to prepare for that unfortunate scenario, check out our last blog on ensuring you share and document everything! If you have been injured in an accident and have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Call our office today if you would like to speak to one of our attorneys.

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Author: Kyle E. Wright     Published: 6/29/21 10:00 AM     Tags: Personal Injury


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