Third step to take after a vehicle accident - Be thorough in reporting

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6/8/21 10:43 AM
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At some point after your accident, your claim is going to be evaluated by an insurance adjuster in order to determine liability and the value of your injuries. That evaluation might be months in the future, and it could even be years. Regardless, the initial reports made with the responding officer and other first responders will be relied upon when your case is evaluated.

Making a good report

Be thorough in reportingOnce you have this understanding, it’s easier to make a good report. Not only are you giving the responding officer the facts of what happened, but you are essentially making your case to the adjuster within that report.

Give them all of the details that could help you in the future.

  • Was the defendant (or cited party) speeding?
  • Was the defendant distracted?
  • Did anyone say anything immediately after the accident that could be used as an admission?
  • What injuries did you experience directly following the accident?
  • What injuries did your passengers with you experience?

Remember, memories and versions of events often change as these claims age, so ensuring initial reports contain accurate, thorough information is vital. Also, officers should be creating their own reports, diagrams, and taking pictures, but they don’t always, and even when they do, sometimes things are missed. This is why it is crucial that you convey everything you can to the officers, and if you are able, write your own statement.

Finally, be sure that officers interview and obtain reports from any witnesses to the crash. When the dust settles, there may be varying stories from opposing parties in the crash, but a neutral third-party eye witness can be beneficial if there is a liability issue.

Never assume everyone will do the right thing – protect yourself by getting as much information as possible into the initial reports!

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